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Legal clarification – Autism is not an illness. Therefore, the purpose of the treatment is not to cure autism or act as a substitute for medical consultation or medicinal treatment. The statements herein are intended to expand personal knowledge and general understanding only. The foregoing is not to be considered an alternative to medical consultation or medication and/or treatment performed by a caregiver or physician, or constitute a recommendation for individual care in any way.


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C.A.T (Customized Autism Treatment) is a treatment method that provides a tailored response to patients’ individual autism symptoms.

The treatment helps to decrease autism symptoms and  improve deficient metabolic processes by identifying the root of the problem and prescribing an individually-tailored treatment protocol.

טיפול באוטיזם רפואה משלימה

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Tali Angor – the founder of the C.A.T method

Academic education & related activities

  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – B.Sc.Pharm (The Faculty of Medicine)
  • Bar-Ilan University – B.Science, Medicinal Chemistry
  • Levinsky College of Education – the Autism Integrative Method Program
  • Ben-Gurion University – Naturopathic Studies (nutrient supplements as part of an integrative clinical consultation)
  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Psychiatry & Neurology – aspects of brain research and medicinal consultation
  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Additional courses in pharmacy, diabetes and medicinal consultation
  • A former member of the council of the pharmaceutical society of Israel
  • A former manager of the Pharmaceutical Society of Israel’s Pharma Club Committee

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Children diagnosed on the spectrum are characterized by selective eating which doesn’t include the intake of the five food groups and suffer from malabsorption in the digestive system which lead to nutrient deficiency.

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